Painted cabinet finishes?

gunterNovember 18, 2007

I need to know whether factory painted cabinet finishes are more durable than what a local custom cabinetmaker can

produce. I've heard that the big cab companies have a baked on finish whereas the local cabinetmaker can't but would use an acrylic paint--which is very durable, right?

Does it make a difference.

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I would always say what comes from the factory is a better finish.
This is especially true for wood floors.
You really need to speak to your cabinet maker and find out what his finishing abilities are. Ask for refrences and speak to people who have had his cabinets in their home for a few years.
Sometimes the big companies are sloppy and the quality control sucks because they really are more about quantity than quality. A small operation you would like to think has the ability to better scrutinize their product.
After all, your going to blame him directly if there is a problem.
With the big companies, the rep just blames it on the company and whipes his hands of the problem.

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I would bet on the larger manufacturers who mostly use a conversion varnish that is resistant to moisture and most household chemicals and abrasion.

Most larger manufacturers adhere to the specifications required by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (ANSI/KCMA A161.1-1995). They have the equipment to produce a high quality, multi-step finish that many smaller shops just don't have the equipment or space to duplicate. I would research what material the custom shop is using and find out how it stacks up against the big guys. Most major manufacturers have information on their websites.

Here is a link to info on Kraftmaid's finishes. I recently installed a Kraftmaid kitchen in an ivory glaze finish. There were a couple of minor finish defects, 2 doors and the side of one upper cabinet. They sent a replacement cabinet and the doors and didn't even request return of the defective units, no questions asked.

Many small shops would be less accommodating, I know from experience. And then, some small shops would be every bit as responsive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraftmaid finishes

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While the above responses are true, they are not without a cost. Many of these advanced finishes will not take anything over the top of of them. What that means is that repair or repainting may not be possible. Stripping and refinishing may also be difficult or impossible.

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Thank you for your comments--it give me something to think about.

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