Stove/Oven Wiring

happsJune 3, 2013

I just removed my old wall oven/microwave combo unit and found that the builder used aluminum wire instead of copper wire, in a house built in 1995. I plan to connect a cooktop and oven underneath in its place. I have two questions about this.

1. Can I run 6 gauge copper wire for a 50 amp circuit, using ox

2. Can I run 6 gauge aluminum for a 30 amp circuit?

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Edit: in Part 1, I meant to say using some product that you apply when joining two dissimilar metals.

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Ron Natalie

The anti-ox compound is necessary for most aluminum connections but it's NOT sufficient for making the connection itself (i.e., you can't just throw some anti-ox on it and then use a regular wirenut).

You need some connector that is specifically listed for AL-to-CU connections. Just want are you connecting the #6 copper to?

You could run #6 AL for a 30 Amp circuit, but why would you do so?

Note you can't tap the old circuit for two units if it doesn't have 50A ampacity (#6 aluminum depending on what sort of cable we're talking about may not have such).

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