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pjtexgirlNovember 25, 2008

I need some advice on outdoor mosaics flower pots please.

I have made 2 flower pots (nothing like what's on here but ya gotta start somewhere right?) They are walmart terracotta pots. My first one is made from indoor stone look-alike floor tile that was Daltile. It also has some stones stuck in here and there. It was put on with mastic adhesive( very large premixed bucket). It was sealed with floor sealer. Is it weather proof in zone 7b/8a (DFW Texas)?

The second tile was made in the same way with porcelain tile and glass beads. I haven't sealed it with anything yet. Is it weather proof here?

A lady told me that the porous floor tile would accumulate moisture and crack. I see her point but was wondering if my terracotta pots(cheapie ones) don't fail in this weather outside why would floor tile?

Thanks, PJ

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Only thing you have to worry about on your outside mosaics is the adhesive. The regular tile adhesive won't work outside. Use thinset (I use Mapei Ultra Flex II - polymer modified). I even use it for grouting to ensure adhesion and toughness. Don't worry about the tiles for DFW. I live in Texarkana, and I use all types in my outside mosaics. Only thing I've had fall apart was a terra cotta pot I sealed w/white glue, in my early days of mosaicing when I didn't think about the re-hydration of the glue. Some times I remember to seal, but most times not. On the large Mexican clay pots I mosaiced, I didn't pre-seal them, but IF you are uncomfortable about mosaicing the terra cotta w/o a sealer first, I have used Quickcrete brand water-based masonry sealer - don't use oil-based sealers. I've also used Dry Lock. Everything I buy comes from Lowes. As for waterproofing, the sealer you put on the grout is NOT a waterproofer. It is used for avoiding stains. I use it only for changing the dry look of grout to the wet look - Tile Lab glossy from Home D.

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Slow is right Do not use mastic I also lerned the hard way .I also use thinset I use the one from Home d (there is one clost me 40 miles)I have had no prob. with it .I grout with grout .I do seal with tile lab.

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Thanks!!! I live at Home Depot or Lowes. My mosaic projects are an off shoot for needing large,pretty pots for my ornamental tree obsession :)My pots are always well drained and NEVER sit in saucer water BTW.

I used thin set to "grout" the ceramic tile pot. I wondered if it would be a better bond. I'm glad to hear that that was OK. I will experiment here and there and make many mistakes I'm sure.

Avoid oil based sealears. Dry lock and masonry sealers are good. (Writing it helps me remember)

So I seal them (dry lock etc...)THEN mosaic?
Then seal them for staining AFTER I'm done?

I really appreciate the advice! PJ

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Question. I use tree sealer on the inside of my pots as I was afraid of chemicals killing my plants inside. So you all have experience of having sealers NOT leach into the pots with repeated watering and moist soils bringing out chemicals?

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Sealing isn't a real big thing w/me. I only seal w/Tile Lab glossy to make the grout glossy instead of flat - looks only is why I seal. Sealing doesn't waterproof anything.

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