Novice just asking--anything to tone down a 'cherry' finish?

kaisermustNovember 23, 2009

Bought a couple of knocked-down end tables online to go with our 20 yr old walnut bedroom set because we now have the room for real end tables next to the bed. Description said cherry walnut so I took a chance and ordered them. Opened the box and they're more cherry than walnut. Is there any product I can apply to the finish to tone the redness down? Serious woodworkers, please don't shoot me. I'm just asking if there's some type of quick fix, like a rub-on gel stain, etc. I could apply (without having to strip each of the 30 some odd pieces to each table) to take a little of the reddish hue away and darken them up? Short of spray painting them brown. Suggestions please to salvage my online bargains.

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There are two such products:

One is a "green blocker" aerosol. Green is the color opposite of red so applying it will kill some of the red and move toward brown. VERY VERY LIGHT coats of this, sneaking up on the color. It's better to have to apply a number of light coats than to get too much on all at once.

Another is a greenish glaze. The standard green used for this is raw umber. You wipe it on, manipulate to your liking, let it dry, then top coat with a compatible finish (most likely a lacquer).

These are both professional products and you are not likely to find them at Home Depot or such.

If I was refinishing a piece, I'd probably use the glaze, but if I'm touching up something and need a quick repair, I'd go with the aerosol. Did I mention really light coats?

Here is a link that might be useful: aerosol blocker

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