Wood Refinishing

magee_2009November 19, 2009

I have some window trim that had water damage. With sanding, I was able to get it so that it looked almost like new. But then I applied a lacquer to it, and the lacquer made the sanded parts much richer in color (drew out the natural color of the wood more than the original finish). The match is terrible. I don't know what the original finish is. What finish will maintain the color/shade as close to the unfinished wood as possible?

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Any finish I know will alter the looks in some way; some will add depth, some will give a "wet" look, some will amber, some will darken. It all depends on the wood and the finish.

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Sand the lacquer a bit and apply a coat of oil based varnish. That is what many builders used on trim.

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It might help if you posted some pictures of both the problem area and an area of originally finished, undamaged wood too, as similarly lighted as possible.

What sort of "lacquer," exactly, did you use? The term is misused a lot, or at least used differently in different parts of the world. Brand? Product name?

I usually think of acrylic water-based finishes as having minimal effect on the appearance of wood. Oil-based finishes typically enrich and yellow the colors. WB acrylics don't have that native yellowing tendency. Unfortunately, some cheaper WB acrylics (such as Minwax poly-acrylic, last time I used it) go the other way, and have a bluish cast that can be unattractive.

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