unused decor items--Sell? Donate?

ratherbesewingAugust 18, 2013

I tried selling my silk dupioni lined and interlined, goblet pleated panels on Craig's List, but sadly, no takers. $60 by the way for 2 panels. Next, I am considering a local consignment shop, but this shop doesn't really merchandise well. What do you do with your old, but barely used decor items?

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You could try eBay for a wider audience. They are something that could be easily shipped.

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Remember that your panels are used, so the likelihood of getting $30 a piece for the panels are very slim to begin with. ;)

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Freecycle. I bet someone would love having them.

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Yep EBay or try to find another resale shop.
I usually give my stuff to family members, if they use them, fine, if not, please return to me. Find them another home.

Omg, I had these pretty carved cream colored swans for at least 10 years. I loved them, but I had nowhere for them in my new home.
I could not throw them away, I wanted to find them a new home, that would love them like I did.
Noticed that my new neighbor had a country theme going on her front porch,so I offered them to her.
I told her I didn't have the heart to dispose of them, but if they didn't work for her, feel free to pitch them.
She has them on her front porch and they look great, and I can still see them everyday!

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Could they be donated to a nursing home? It's worth a try.

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They probably would not meet commercial flammability ratings.

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If I can't sell an item on CL, I lower the price. How about lowering your price down to $45? If not sold, then down to $30 for both?

I posted a few pieces for sale on CL this weekend. One of them, a beaten-up Mission style nightstand was sold for $25 in a couple of hours. The remaining two items are still up. If no takers within an week, I'll start lowering the prices in $5 increments. Usually it works. I also put OBO in my ads.

Also, how long has your ad been on CL? If I sell something in 3-4 weeks, it's normal. If I sell a piece in less than two weeks, I'm lucky. A high end (and higher priced) Italian designer set of dining chairs in need of restoration took me 6 months to sell.

Goodwill and Salvation Army are my last resorts.

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I bring décor and clothing to a thrift shop in town, run by volunteers, that gives the proceeds back to our schools and community. I wish they took larger furniture items, but they don't have the space. We did sell a table and chairs on ebay, local pick up only. Sold it very quickly to a younger family in our same town, not surprising since they were of good quality and they got a really good deal.

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Nothing I have is that valuable and worth my time and trouble to try to sell on CL or eBay to make very little. Try your local charities. I just found a wonderful local charity that sets up apartments/houses for people getting back on their feet. We are cleaning out 29 years of stuff in our basement and all our household goods/furniture will go to them.

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I give to a local charity; thought about having a yard sale for our 45 years of accumulated "stuff", but decided it was easier to go the charity route and hopefully help some people out.

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Pal, you have a point, thank you.

After watching a special on TV about Goodwill, and how little SOME of the stores pay their employees, please check to see how your store rates. Small local thrift stores are always thankful, especially those whose funds are donated to an organization.

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What about a consignment store?

I'd go with ebay first too. A better market for items like that, but the rules may state that they have to be recently cleaned. I haven't read them in quite a while. On CL or a garage sale, I've heard 30% of new for items that are 2-5 years old is what people expect.

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Our community has a thrift boutique which benefits the Children's Hospital in Seattle. They do such amazing things for children's medical needs, so I love donating to them. I give them all the best stuff and the lower tier stuff goes to goodwill. I may not agree with some of their policies (goodwill's), but I know the stuff will not end up in the landfill, at least for a while.

Also, check if there are services for victims of domestic violence in your area. Women fleeing their homes often need a whole new household set up, so they may be able to use some household and decor items.

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I donate my stuff... the tax deduction is very welcome!

No way I'd pay $60 for two used panels....

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I've found that used window treatments have little value in 2nd hand venues so it may be easier to donate if they don't sell on CL. I've bought panels at yard sales for very little but donate my used ones as it's not worth my time to try to sell them.

As for home decor accessories I've had great success selling them at a local consignment shop.

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