Can I fix range hood light socket?

ginjjJune 17, 2011

I have a Kenmore Range hood that is 6 years old. It seems the socket isn't working as I put a bulb in that I know is working, and it doesn't work on the hood.

I called Sears and they can fix it for $129 but I'm wondering if it might be easy for me to try and fix.

Thank you


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Ron Natalie

Depends what is wrong with it. Could be the switch, could be a fuse or circuit breaker, could be the socket itself, or some of the wiring between.

Does the fan work?

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Yes the fan works.

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Some times the center tab inside the socket (the little metal piece that contacts the bottom of the bulb) gets compressed too far down and does not touch the bulb. This tab can be bent back up using a flat screwdriver or needle-nosed pliers. BE CAREFUL! and turn off all the power first.

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I had exactly the same problem with a Kenmore range hood. I did what Weedmeister suggested and it solved the problem. Please don't attempt this without turning off power to the hood at the breaker. Thanks weedmeister. Oh, one other thing that made the job much easier was using my wife's round mirror that swivels on its stand. This allowed me to see exactly what I was doing.

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