how to split wide wood planks?

lilafterNovember 10, 2007

in process of designing a fence and driveway gate.

i have a lot of redwood planks 1x12x6 that could be used.

but rather than using the planks in 12" widths set vertically, i'd like to split it into 2" or 3" and 6" widths and set it horizontally along a metal frame (either chain link or steel)

i do like the roughness of grape vine stakes. i'm wondering if i can take an ax or other manual splitting tool to cut into the smaller planks. or use a table saw???

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By splitting with an ax, the split will follow the path of least resistance and unlikely to be a straight line.

With care, a circular saw or table saw will give you a nice, straight rip line. If you want a more rustic edge, I'd suggest a band saw or a hand-held sabre saw.

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Pooh Bear

Yep, unless the wood is fairly clear (free of knots) and
straight grained then it will not split very nicely.

The tool you want to do this with is called a froe.
It is used predominately for splitting cedar shake shingles.
This is not the only tool that will do it, but the easiest.

Pooh Bear

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