? on ground rod for the house

abbey_cnyJune 13, 2010

I know I don't have the terminology right, so please forgive me! I am having my sidewalk replaced, and one of the areas they dug up was where the ground rod was just outside the house by where the breaker box is inside. When I just walked over there I saw what I assume was the tip of the ground rod sticking up out of the gravel etc they have laid in preparation for the bricks. The wire which led from the interior of the house to the ground rod is no longer connected, just sort of hanging there. I am assuming/hoping that this will be fixed tomorrow, but in the meantime is this something that could caused a problem? should I be concerned or am I just being my usual paranoid self when it comes to electricity? Thank you for any information.


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It definately should not have been left disconnected, and I wouldn't bet that your contractor will reconnect it properly, if at all, without prompting. The ground rod is required for your safety, because who knows when lightning will strike, a falling tree will knock a live power line to the ground or something else will occur to pose a potential shock or fire hazzard that this simple device could protect you from.

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thank you Randy. Then should I contact an electrician to make sure it is reconnected safely and properly?

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You are correct to be concerned as this must be fixed before they cover it, and hoping it will be done is not enough. Call the contractor and tell them they must fix this before they proceed. If the wire is cut or too short to reach, it can only be spliced by irreversable means. This means crimped connectors or exothermic welding connection. No split bolts or other connectors which rely on screws or bolts to tighten the connection are allowed. If the wire does still reach, and the connection is to be covered, you must use a ground rod clamp that is raited for direct burial. Are you going to be able to check and see if this gets corrected or not?

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hi groundrod and thanks for the info. I am not sure exactly when it happened as I recently had my house resided so it could have been a couple of different contractors..however bottom line is that the sidewalk contractors are here now and I need to get it fixed before the pavers go down. Your info is very helpful, and I am going to call the sidewalk contractor in the morning and possibly an electrician, depending on what I hear from the contractor. I am just happy I noticed it as who knows if anything would have been said. The joys of being a homeowner :)

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