Our kitchen cabinets were stained too bright and too orange!!!

nikki99November 18, 2007

Hi, I need help! We have new kitchen cabinets made of hard maple. We chose a solvent based stain, ("sylene"?) which looked perfect on the sample. Told the contractor and he made all the door faces without showing them to us first... even lacquered them. So they are on now, and it's way too orange. It's not the same color as the sample at all! The sample was lighter and more of a honey natural cherry look. The pictures I attached show the doors which are too dark and orange-y, and there's also a picture of the trim over where the microwave will go. I can at least probably live with that shade, but the problem is it doesn't match all my door faces! See the trim color? I like that ok, but this is sooo orange when you walk in the room I'm in tears.

The whole kitchen is off, though there are spots I like that are actually the correct color. He lacquered the cabinets with a hard based conversion varnish lacquer. Guys, help me please. The stain's solvent based (*sylene*) is what he said.

We saved our money for YEARS for our dream kitchen and my husband I are so disappointed. The contractor is independent with a sick wife and we realize now we made a grave mistake in hiring him. His work is even shoddy. There's no way he's going to fix this color for us.

At this point, the contractor is almost done and cannot even the cut right sized hole for our sink in the counter, so I don't want to overwhelm him with my disappointment and want to try to fix myself or hire someone competent to fix it. Any ideas on how to tone down the cabinet doors and lighten them up a bit? The doors are all a shade too dark (bright). The trim is great but what am I going to do ?????? I'm miserable as this is the heart of our home. I have a lot of pictures if anyone wants to see more detail of what i have vs. what i want. help help help. thank you, Paula & Joe

p.s. if I can't send you pics on here I can email them to you if you write to me. Thanks for any help you can give!

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For starters I would ask for your money back. His problems ( wife ) cannot translate into yours.
I'm a bit confused about the color, your saying they are a "shade to dark" but calling them bright.
If they are to dark you cannot lighten them. If they were to light then MAYBE you could do something, but not with any sort of confidense that the new finish will adhere to what he has already applied.
There is another thread a few post down that basically has the same problem. To do it correctly , you need to start over . Strip, sand, stain, and finish.
I'm happy to look at the pix for you or you can post them here.

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