Laminated wood gate post questions

lsstNovember 4, 2008

My husband and I are installing a metal garden gate and are using wood posts. The gate is two sections. Each section weighs 25 pounds.

I had no luck finding straight PT 4x4 posts. I called lumber yards trying to find kiln dried PT wood and had no luck.

One lumber yard special ordered me two 4x4 PT laminated posts. The actual size is 3 1/4 by 3 1/4. Each post is 3 pieces of wood glued together to make one solid piece.

Even though the supplier told the lumber yard it would be suitable for a gate post, it just seems to me the glue would come loose and the pieces would separate over time once exposed to the weather. I plan on painting the posts.

The gate hinges will be faced on the outside of the post and attached with lag screws.

Does PT laminated wood hold up in outside conditions as well as a solid PT post?

Thanks in advance!

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It would be quite likely that the laminated posts are weatherproof because most people use PT outdoors and waterproof glues aren't noticeably more expensive.

If you want a bit of insurance, try hiding a few screws behind the hardware that hold the laminated plies together. (Get screws that are compatible with the PT.)

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Assuming the manufacturer used a waterproof glue and that's a pretty reasonable assumption for pressure treated wood, it should be more than adequate for the application. I built a planter with laminated posts using Titebond II (which is only rated as "weather resistant") and despite constant exposure to the elements and contact with damp soil the posts were fine for over a decade.

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Thanks justnigel and mike kaiser! I feel much better about it!
I will hide a few screws for insurance.

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