Window Retrofit - Box Window Problem - Need Help

snookyDecember 13, 2009


We hired a contractor/Company to install retrofit windows. They used box windows with no nail fin instead of replacement. They removed the original aluminum sliders. They then screwed the windows into the frame then started to seal the windows with caulking:

See here:

More pictures here:

I started to ask about what they were going to do about the moisture barrier. They said they were going to seal it with caulking. I then started to make a big deal about that not being right, they then said they would use foam (after I insisted but that was for insulation). The foam for cracks and gaps. Not the low rise foam.

After insisting that the foam solves the insulation issue but it did not solve the moisture barrier problem they asked what would I do. I referred to the builders plastic or craft paper. They did stuff GMcraft 10 (I would have used 30) in the game but they did not enlarge the area. AFter that they filled the gap with stucco (no wire mesh).

This is a good example of how it looks when they started:

Anyway I have put up some pictures of my debacle. I am not a contractor but do have some common sense and feel that the install is not proper. I live in sunny Los Angeles and the install is complete but need to know what I should do.

Do I have something to worry about?

Should I redo the install?

Is there anything that can be salvaged?


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Wow, I hope you did not pay him in full. First thing I would do is get and engineer and have it inspected, then follow his advice as far as legal ramifications. But I do not envy you as this looks to be a mess for certain.

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Well bottom line is that we did not pay 100% and the contractor as well his supplier are in agreement that the company S&R window did shotty work at best and are going to take the windows back once our contractor removes them. We ordered new windows from our typical supplier and they are scheduled to be installed next week.

Sad thing though is that this forum used to be a buzz with all sorts of help and advice. From my reading of it I see a lot of the tough questions and issues have gone unanswered. Sad to see that this forum is not as relevant as it used to be.

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