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daisymeNovember 4, 2009

I've been off for awhile nursing a bad back. NOt doing much in mosaics, but I'm having to now with Christmas sales comeing up. How is everybody?

I have some grout questions.

Until recently on my birdhouses I was using an adhesive and grout combo that's no longer available. The beauty of it was that it was sanded and used deeply enough did not need to be grouted, which was great for my uneven surfaces of misc plates and especially my rough little stones.

Question 1: Since it looks like I'll have to grout after using thinset, how in the world will I get it off and out from between the little uneven rough stones I use?

Quesion 2: I want to use ballchain occasionally. Do I grout over that and clean off, or do I press it into the grout?

It seems I'd have learned all this long ago, but since I've kept to my tried and true means until now, I've got to learn these basics now. Any help is much appreciated!

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Hey, girlie: Good to see you back. You can do the same push/squush method on your thinset as you did on the former materials. Just put enough to push it deep enough to hold/grout. You can take a wet paint brush to smooth it in. I'm sure those who've used the baggie method to pipe in a grout can advise on that technique. I used it once, but it was too labor-intensive for me. When I use BBs or ball chain, I use a wire brush after the grout sets up to brush it out, same as around the glass globs.

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Fun to hear from you. I'm anxious to spend some time getting caught up here after next week.

The thinset is kind of glossy and goopy for pushing my pieces in. I'm still looking for a solution. Maybe I could sprinkle sand over the thinset before it sets for a different look.

Thanks for the idea on the ball chain. I'll try a sample piece and see how it works!

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