Storm panels for double-hung windows

kjeliazDecember 18, 2013

I have double-hung vinyl windows. They seem to be in a good shape but somehow still feel drafty.
I want to add storm panels to stop the draft but not sure what brand the windows are. I found some S/N and test certification numbers on the windows but no company name.
Are there any generic storm panels I can use?
The windows have screens that lock in place. Anything similar for storm panels?

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Are the current double hung windows double paned or insulated? What material are they made of?

If they are newer and insulated, you can create some issues of significance if you put on a storm window and can actually facilitate a window failure.

There are interior storm panels that can be fitted as well as interior magnetic storms that seem to help with drafts.

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I agree. Interior storms are only viable option, especially if your windows have low-e. These coatings do a great job of reflecting heat to the point where they have melted siding on neighboring homes, plastic car accessories, etc. Just imagine what that much heat would do to your vinyl window frame if it were to build up in a space sealed by a storm.

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The windows are vinyl and double paned. According to the certification tag they are NFRC 100 and dated 2002.
Are the inside storms custom-made or standard?

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Most inside storms are custom made.

Do your windows have Low-e in them? Do they have a gray'ish - green'ish tint to the glass.

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