Faux Van Gogh Glass for mosaics

free2danzNovember 4, 2010

Can anyone give me instructions including a list of supplies I'll need to make faux Van Gogh glass, I was reading a little something about the how to online but lost my place and can't get all the info I need to do it. Thanks so much.

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Welcome to the forum, FREE2: The way I did it was: on a sheet of textured clear glass (glue chip it's called) I painted the textured side black first - then gently wiped it off, leaving the black acrylic paint in the texture. Then I painted w/acrylic a hot, brilliant color - two coats. Then I painted it black again. Then I cut the glass on the smooth side into tiles. Beware - it doesn't store well - scratches, and if you get it wet, the paint peels, so keep it dry and separated. Also when breaking the tiles apart, be careful of the chipping around the edges - it's not too noticeable. When I used the metalic emerald green, it was hard to tell the difference in the faux and the real. It opens up all kinds of possibilities on colors that one can't find in regular stained glass - hot pink - purple - metalic gold etc. I love the metalic acrylics. I think you'll love the possibilities.

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I also have done it pretty much like slow ,except I only do one coat and spray pant the back with black or clear kinda saves it some.There is so many possibilities .Another way I have done is with inks any kind then it does not pill at the back .I used the black like slow then uses inks and sprayed the back with clear.Just play around you only have pant to loose you can always wipe it off if you do not like it.

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Hey...thanks so much for your help. I am going to try this tomorrow. I have some glue chip that is in a box of scrap that was given to me. Yay! I am so excited! I love doing stuff like this. especially when I don't have to spend a bunch of cash to do it. Thanks again..I will post again and let you know how it went.

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Look forward to seeing pictures of your results. Yep - it's a lot cheaper than ordering the VG and paying the postage. Everything I've done is from experimentation.

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Where can I see pics of your stuff? I guess I'm getting lost on this site :)

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Always happy to "show off". Following is a link to my Photobucket albums. My recent project was the birdbath. I just finished grouting the tall flower that w/accompany the two that are in place. My yard man w/set this one in place tomorrow. They are made w/diamond metal lathe/concrete w/mixed mosaics, and can be viewed in "My Queendom" album.

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