How hard is it to put screens on an old window?

swampwizDecember 8, 2009

I will be buying an old house that has 14 windows - all of them without screens. I would prefer to get new energy efficient windows, but I don't have the cash. However, I would like to get screens on them, so I can open them up without worrying about bugs.

I've never had windows without screens before, so I'm not sure how difficult (read expensive) it would be to add them. I suppose that Home Depot or whatever could make screens of any size, but I'm wondering how they would be attached to the window.

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They can be made by custom window companies. They usually hang from hooks on the exterior and are hooked at the bottom to eyelets on the interior side.

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Depending on how old, as well as your local building practices at the time, there may be a "groove" on the exterior of the moldings that is just about the right size to hold a screen. If so, cleats would be able to hold them from the outside, if accessible, or hooks from the inside if not.

I would recommend against box stores and pay the modest premium to have a local screen shop make them for you, especially if they are of any significant size.

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I guess that I'll just call up a local window dealer and ask him to make them. He should be able to do that!

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