astaraNovember 22, 2010

The mask is a project for my brother. It is the project I am trying to finish w/the brown colors I am looking for. The mirror is a donation for a Private School auction and It is almost compete - I just have to place the mirror in the middle. I am trying to decide if I should bring the black design up on the mirror or not. It has hinges because it is an old cupboard door so if someone wants they can hang it in the kitchen or bathroom on their cupboard.

Here is a link that might be useful: mosaic pics

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i didnt see a picture of the rootbeer or caramel tiles,, from the pictures the dark tiles look black,, can you do a close up of what you are looking for

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I must have worded wrong. I have not used them on this project yet. I want to finish the face with them I will post pics of the tiles I have left under the Colors post I did earlier.

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Love the mirror, and that's a great idea of bringing the design into the mirror. Great mask too.

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Do You cut glass? That mask would look so cool with the rest done in mirror!! Love the mirror you are working on too! Good Job!

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The mirror is a good idea calamity. And I have plenty of shattered mirror as my neighbors drop it by whenever they break glass or mirror. I have not had much luck cutting glass. Do not have the funds to by the cool saw and the dinky glass cutter I bought is really hard to maneuver. I have a friend who dabbles in stained glass and he said he would teach me to use it better after the holidays - he is a Ups man!

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great mask. you seem to have finished the project you needed tiles for.
anyway... i bought my tiles from here in Europe.
couldn't find cheaper ones in my country - Romania.

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Lovely mirror! astara-those tiles look on my computer like the colors that Hobby Lobby sells in a multipack at their stores. Its a brown mix of 4 different colors If you have one nearby its worth checking out.
Cant wait to see what you do with the mirror btw!
Jane what have you been up too? Slow good to "see" you, LOL

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