Wood Island Top Finish...Choices

MIssyVNovember 11, 2011

Here are the wood island finish choices:

1. Tung Oil or Linseed Oil

2. Waterlox

3. The "mystery" finish the maker recommends OVER Waterlox!

We are going to use Mahogany for the wood island top, but I think it will be too "red", therefore plan to stain it. My understanding is, if we stain it, then tung oil/linseed oil really isn't a good choice.

I have always read RAVE reviews on Waterlox here on GW, and just assumed that is what we should ask for, but he said he really prefers whatever product he uses (didn't say the name, just that it's a mix, and not available to DIYers, or at Home Depot/Lowes, etc. )

So, what should we do? Trust his judgment that what he uses is better than Waterlox? Or still request Waterlox?

Thanks for the input!

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I should have shared that while I don't know what finish he uses, he is a custom woodworker. And he did share that this "mystery" finish is what he uses on stair treds, floors, etc, so it must be rather durable if its on stair treds. He wasn't intentionally hiding the finish from me, I just didn't ask.

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Ask him if it a varnish or lacquer, if it is oil or water-based, if it is a mixture of oil and varnish or it is all oil, or no oil at all. If there is oil, what kind. Ask him if it is food-safe. Ask him what you have to do to keep the finish up and if you are able to add more finish if it fails in high use areas. What DO you do if it fails? Will it water spot? What liquids must be avoided? How do you clean it? Is it heat tolerant? What might discolor it? ETC.

If it were mine I wouldn't stain it. Let the wood show through. Mahogany (real mahogany subtly changes color over time) is a beautiful species when just oiled or clear coated.

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