Soft Lite Casement Window Pricing

davieboyDecember 2, 2013

We've gotten several quotes on different windows from different installers, and have interest in the Soft Lite Imperial LS. We need 19 casement, approximately 36x60 inches each. Anyone have an idea about what would be a fair price including installation? We were quoted $21K which seems excessive.

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Not really crazy, t depends.. Its a solid window and im sure the installers are just as good. Look at it as an investment.
However, Is this new construction, replacing moulding ect.., or just simple replacement.
If it is a basic replacement with only Double pane glass, its a bit on the high side. Triple pane krypton, not crazy high.

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Thanks for the information doorproz. This is for double pane replacement in a sun room. Extremely simple replace / install (IMO). There are some variations in size from 36x60 (35x60, 32x60 etc.), but the removal of old and the install itself have to be one of the simplest. The existing 2x8 framework against stone pillars and sills are straight and true.

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Now just received a "final" bid from Champion for $11K. I know their product is not as good as Soft Lite, but at half the price it's tempting. Any thoughts? I tend to prefer the better product.

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Bottom of the barrel product

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The Softlite is a MUCH better performer. You might consider another quote or two due to the price discrepancy. Lots of variables as doorproz alluded to. Depending on where you are located, I'd look at the Himark, Okna, and Sunrise Restorations/Vanguard lines for products of comparable quality and performance to the Softlite. They are all top tier performers.

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HomeSealed just gave some very good advice.

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The Soft-lite pricing does seem a bit on the high side based on what has been said about the installation. As HomeSealed said, a couple more quotes on quality products should help you determine what is a fair price for a better grade window. Are the windows white, grids, woodgrain interior, etcâ¦..?

Champion should be avoided at all costs.

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Thanks to all for responses. Very helpfull.
All replacements are straight vinyl without grain or lattice, etc.. 3 are LoE366; rest are LoE. Just request another final quote for the SoftLite at $14,800. Much better price and it includes a pine painted sill replacement for each also.

Also just received a competitive bid for Vista Windows (Warren Ohio) for $9600. I'm sure the SoftLite is a better window, but anyone familiar with the Vista? I'm targeting Thursday for a final decision if possible.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Vistas is, depending on series, a decent vinyl window but not commonly held in the same category or class with Soft-Lite.

While I agree that a $5,000 spread is real money and should certainly require consideration, I would only stress that it is pennies per month per window if you look at the overall lifetime and performance of the window.

This comparison is also devoid of any consideration on the installation end of things. How, if any comparison was stressed or completed, did the installers stack up against one another.

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Vista is no better than middle of the road in my experience. Just another builder supply house special. Very average performance.

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