Fiberglass entry door window grill questions

dryslickDecember 15, 2009

I have a question regarding the window grill options that are typical in new replacement fiberglass doors and sidelights colonial trim. Right now, weÂre considering replacement of our door and weÂre looking at a Therma-Tru smooth-star (model S236).

I was disappointed to learn that the grill width for their "fixed" option, which is applied on both the exterior and interior sides is only a ½ inch wide. I would have thought it would be a wider grill to more closely simulate older wood doors and sidelights. The grill width in our current wood door with the four small windows at the top is 1 3/8".

Would anyone know if the ½" grill is typical for entry door systems? Are there other door manufacturers we should consider that might have a thicker grill option? Our door and sidelights will have traditional rectangular openings.

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Weather Shield or Peachtree will make an entry door with a wide SDL (simulated divided lite) bar to mock the old wood grille option

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Windows on Washington

I would also look at Provia and Household Metals Inc (HMI)

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mattymog and windowsonwashington,

Thanks for those options. IÂll check them out tonight. I had looked at Provia a while back and I didnÂt think they had a four square openings in the top of the door. I think I only saw two. IÂll re-check tonight.

Our lunch, I found out that Jeld-wen offers a 7/8" "fixed grille" option in their doors but they are unclear on what fixed grille means. Their PDF states "Fixed grille options include various simulated divided lite (SDL) patterns for an authentic look.". However, the grills are only shown in a "Gilles between the glass" section of the PDF so it isnÂt clear if they provide an interior and exterior grille with the bar between the glass.

Thanks again

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I was just on PeachtreeÂs site and saw what you were talking about. Peachtree offers exterior Colonial doors with clear glass 7/8" SDL gills including a spacer bar. That is exactly what I was looking for. However, I haven't heard good things about Peachtree windows. IÂm going to create a new post to see if anyone has opinions specifically on Peachtree doors.

Thanks for your input

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