staining a wood floor in a checkerboard pattern

victoriajaneNovember 21, 2008

I don't know if this post belongs here or in the flooring forum, but I am interested in staining our new oak floor in a checkerboard pattern on the diagonal. I did a how-to search on line but almost all the hits gave instructions on how to paint a wood floor - I don't think I want to apply paint, though, because I want the grain to show through. Is there a way to do this design with stain or would the stain bleed through? Also if I were to seek out a professional, what would I search for? wood-working artist or floor designer or something like that? Thanks!

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Stain, when applied to raw wood, will tend to follow the grain and pores. You are likely to have bleed through under the masking tape. This will give you fuzzy lines. Certain woods, such as red oak, a common flooring material, will be more prone to this than others.

The first place I would look would be toward a wipe-on glaze or spray-on toner that you apply between coats of finish. The lower coat(s) will seal the pores, and the upper coats will protect the color from abrasion damage. But before I did anything, I'd run some sample boards with my intended plan(s).

But I'm a furniture guy, not a flooring guy, so there may be other roads to Rome. In my metro area there are a lot of flooring finishers and one company that seems to be the gurus of the trade. Ask around to find one in your area. Since they're not flooring new McMansions, they may be looking for work.

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thanks for the advice, bobsmyuncle!

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