replacing window sashes

djm253525December 22, 2005

I have ANdersen windows in my home. The house was built in 89/90. THe windows are are painted white interior and clad outside. Can I just replace the sashes? I want the interior wood so I can stain it. I don't like the painted white trim.

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Marvin's "tilt-pac" is a sash replacement kit that meets the requirements you mention. The only thing I don't like about it is that the vinyl jamb-liners are so visible.

Weathershield makes the same thing. I haven't seen those in person yet, but they look nice online.

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When Andersen came out with their tilt window, they were making tilt replacement sash kits to replace older Andersen sashes, just as you describe. I don't know if they still make it. An Andersen dealer (not HD,etc) should be able to help you.

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If you just want a sash replacement, meaning no frame replacement,sash only, then you need an insert (Marvin's name for sash replacement). Go to for a dealer near you and check them out. I don't know what other companies call their products.

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Marvin's sash replacement kit is called the Tilt-pac, not the insert. Go to their website and search for tilt-pac. I believe Weathershield also makes a sash replacement kit.

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Marvin Tilt Pac requires removal of the original frame and are put into a rough opening. The Insert system is a sash replacement into the existing frame.

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Ok, Ok, I was wrong about the frame replacement. Tilt pac offers a double hung sash replacement, Insert is also a sash replacement, but offer the Ultimate Double Hung option. Neither one requires the frame to be removed.

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JELD-WEN makes a SASH replacement window in their Caradco Collection called ZapPack, and they can be purchased at any Home Depot store. Most Home Depot stores have a JELD-WEN window display in their millworks department. These windows can be ordered with different divided lites (e.g. Grills-between the Glass, Removable wood interior, Simulated divided lites, etc.) with traditional or custom grill patterns. They are available in all wood or Clad-Wood in 6 colors and can be ordered in standard and custom sizes. Home Depot also carries Anderson Window products, and have a display as well, but I was told that Anderson did not have a SASH replacment window.

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