Should I splice or replace underground

skinnycatJune 7, 2010

electric service? Yday I dug through 2" pvc conduit, and the 4AWG thhn individual conductors within. The conduit contains 2 phase and 1 neutral, powered through a 60 amp breaker, feeding a breaker panel in a workshop.

Conduit is 18" below ground, has been in continuous service for 18 years. The break is in the middle of a 90' run. Counter man at electrical supply suggested installing a water proof box (12" by 12" by 6") and splicing.

So my decision is whether to splice, or pull new wire. Heck, I suppose I could install sweep bends to bring the j box up to surface level, or even slightly above ground and mount it flush w the sidewalk that it runs next to, and help keep inside of box dry.

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I'd stay away from underground splices, even if they can be done legally. For the above ground box you'll need more conductor length so you'll either need to replace half of the entire length or use two j-boxes several feet apart with new conductors between.
IMHO, the best way is the 'right' way which is to replace the entire run.

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