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carman3June 3, 2007

I have Nutone Home Intercom System Model IM 4406. Does anyone know how to modify it so I can play tunes from my Ipod.


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Yeah. Use an FM transmitter for your Ipod. This sends the Ipod signal out over an FM frequency. You just dial the transmitter to a dead frequency, like 88.1, and tune the radio to that freq.

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Thanks. I know they have this for cars which operate on 12 volts by plugging it into the cigarette lighter. I wasn't aware they had an FM transmitter that you plug the Ipod into that runs on house current? I guess I could jury rig something up if I can't find this type of unit. I'll investigate this a little furhter.

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No, it runs right off the Ipod. I have two different kinds. One is a Griffin, and one a DLO.

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