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sarap56December 21, 2010

Has anyone recently bought windows from Kolb? I just put new ones in my house but unfortnately they sent windows for the South Region and not North Central as they were supposed to.....not noticed until almost all were in. The Kolb Representative stated that they were mislabeld...they were really for my region and they had the glass tested and it was actually for TN. (first of all it takes weeks to get glass tested and this answer came really quickly after we complained) I asked for a copy of the test and a signed statement from the President of the Company..that is not coming. These windows also have a really strong, strong green tint at night, I was thinking that this had something to do with windows for the south region? Anybody have any problems like this? But the BIG question, GREEN TINT, is this normal in these windows?

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It may very well be that you have hard coat LoE glass instead of soft-coat. Often glass manufacturers will use a slight green tint to reduce the solar gain. I would ask for the specs on the U-factor, Solar Heat Gain and Visible Transmittance. I would also ask what company made the glass.

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When you say green tint, are you seeing a green reflection of indoor lights in the window glass at night?

If so, that is perfectly normal, if not, can you describe what you are seeing?

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Oberon, are you thinking this is a case where they installed the IG backwards?

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and the name of the company is KolbE & KolbE. I understand what your saying but as was also stated above who made the glass, what type of glass is in the windows and what type of glass did you order? To say the windows were made for this region or that region is not truly correct, but what type of glass is recommended for your particular area.

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