start up costs for stained glass

rhubarb_stalkerNovember 22, 2009

I'm intrigued with stained glass and am thinking of taking it up as a hobby. Is it an expensive hobby? What are the start up costs for the *basic* equipment?

What equipment sources are your favorites for bargains?

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HUMMM....There are MANY more glass people here and I mosaic with it rather than make stained glass, but THERE IS A HUGE COST. First you have to go on the hunt.....forces you to visit every thrift store in a 500 county area; then you buy every pretty piece that hints at some potential (a nickle on the dollar but that forces you to buy more); then you have to find a place to put it until you are inspired to use it; then you start something and need more of what you DON'T have; then you break it all up and need jars, or gladware, or boxes or whatever to store it; then you need at least two or three kinds of grout AND some thinset; Then of course you need substrate and THAT needs storing cuz just some is not good enough...need more! Then you need studio room and many have pretty spiffy places, but I use the guest room when there are no guests and they have to tiptoe around the room praying that I have vacuumed well to protect their toes. Sorry, I am laughing and being silly, but it costs no matter how you start, but it is soooooooo satisfying.
I hope now that some stained glass person will answer you for real. I hope you find it something you can enjoy. That's what it is all about. :)

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If you go online at, you can get a startup kit which includes everything you would need to start for a little over $200. It is not a cheap art to start, but it is worth the effort to learn. If you get good at it, it will pay for itself just in what your friends and family and their friends want you to make for them. Every time someone sees something new that I have made, they ask me to make one for them. If you charge a fair price for your work, it will pay for the supplies you used for the one for them plus one for yourself. Good luck! I have never regretted starting the art. There are a lot of sites on the internet for glass supplies but my favorite is Delphi Glass most of the time.

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I would also suggest that you take a couple of classes. Look around & see if there is someone who teaches in your area. Well worth the money!

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I've been absent of late. Welcome to the forum. ALL hobbies are expensive. You can start small to see if you like it. I use stained glass for mosaics. Lots of wonderful talent on this forum in traditional stained glass. Hope you've made a start by now. Pictures, please, of your WIPs.

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The class was cheap (like 50). My startup materials cost about $125, but I didn't have to buy a grinder because I used the one in class. It was fun to learn and fun to learn in a class. I recommend it.

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Rhu- Slow and I looked into taking a class at this place in the Spring, but it is very costly considering all you need for the class. Take a look thru the website and read what they require. I would imagine most everyplace is like this with their classes. I have all my Sister's tools,glass and everything she had for a class she took and then she became ill and passed away before she could make much. I am very fortunate to have all of this and not need to buy much but a grinder sometime.
I am self taught and would love to take a class and learn the Right way to do this. I have learned most everything from the web and this forum. If you Google stained glass, You Tube has a lot of videos that can be very helpful.
Good luck..

Here is a link that might be useful: stained glass classes

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I wish you all lived close to me. I have been wanting to start a stained glass club. I would love to be able to share my studio and one night a month with others who are truely interested in knowing a wonderful art. I have all of the necessary tools (and then some) and a wonderful space to work in. I would just love to share the love with others. In a club, you could share what you know andl learn things that others know without the cost of a class, and the initial start up cost.

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I appreciate all the suggestions I've received concerning my query. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

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Anybody with such a cool name is welcome here ANY time!!! I, like Smickerdoodle, have been wanting to invite people to my studio to do/play with glass, but but no takers...I was hoping too, as I could use it to motivate me back into it again!

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I make mosaics with the glass. I found a man who makes windows for churches and such. he sold a bucket of scraps to me for $20. i mean giant industrial pool chemical size. wowee. plus if you tell people, they will give you things like leftover tile.

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