countertop corner, miter joint

PoorOwnerNovember 6, 2008

I have 25" wide butcherblock pranks, 1.5" thick.

I was wondering what does it take to produce 2 nice 45* cuts that will butt together at right angle. The only thing I know of is an adjustable drywall square, as long as I use both sides of the edge to produce the 2 miters, I will get 90* right.

I assume even the walls are not even I will install the cabinetry run at pretty close to 90 degree.

Should I use a circular saw or jigsaw? What blade?

The material is very expensive I cannot afford to mess up.

Do you think the miter looks better than just straight butting 2 planks together without any cutting. Or does the 45* miter remind us of laminate corners?

Thanks in advance!

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Butcherblock counters shouldn't be mitered, because even if you get the angle perfect to begin with, it will change with seasonal expansion and contraction.

If one leg of the L is short then keep the grain running the same direction on both legs rather than turning pieces at 90 degrees to each other.

If both legs are long then run one piece into the corner and butt the other piece into it at 90 degrees, using fasteners that allow for movement.

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