Advice needed - hard maple cabinets and wood fireplace insert

country_smileNovember 7, 2009

I posted this question on the Kitchen Forum and someone suggested that I ask on this forum . . .

Both our GC and cabinet maker advised us to purchase a humidifier because in the adjacent room to our newly remodeled kitchen we installed a new wood insert (Blaze King Princess) that we'll use to heat our home. They were concerned that the wood insert would dry the air too much and possibly cause damage to our new hard maple cabinets. What type of humidifier do you suggest and where should it be located? Do you have any helpful tips on maintaining the correct amount of humidity in a house?

Here is a picture taken during the middle of remodeling that shows the close proximity of the fireplace to the kitchen.

Any help or advice you could give me concerning this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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Since there have been no replies to your message to date, I would suggest that you google humidifiers, find a manufacturer that has a customer service phone number and call them. That is, if you can't find a source for information locally.

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