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haildamageDecember 20, 2013

I was given a contact name by Polaris that is selling their windows but with 'exclusive' features that regular Polaris windows do not have. They have a warm edge spacer that is supposed to seal better and longer to the glass than the Intercept ss spacer. For triple pane, foam filled sash and frame, 2 spaces of argon in casements the price seems too low. They have stated these are the Polaris Ultraweld with additional features, calling them Unishield. Any thoughts on a window reseller/installer like this? Has anyone ever heard of this situation?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I have heard of that window and it is quite good.

It has great air infiltration numbers and the options that it is both available and loaded up with make the performance numbers awesome.

There are some options in that window that are not available as a standard in the UltraWeld if memory serves me correctly.

Very solid window and design so if the price looks good, its a tough window to beat.

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If its Universal, they use the Thermal Weld, not the ultraweld.

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Polaris makes a solid product. That window does not have any meaningful options that can't be had on the regular lines however. Good air infiltration rate, but the thermal ratings are not quite as good as the top products. If the price is right and the installation company is top notch it can be a good choice, I'd put it a shade under the top tier performers like Restorations, Okna, Himark, Elements, etc... And that is assuming that it is based on the UltraWeld. If the Thermalweld as mmarsel said, it would not be on my list of recommendations.

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Thank you for the good responses....I did want to check out Okna, but that reseller refuses to return my calls. Himark and Elements aren't listed on the EPA casement most efficient site, so I have not heard or looked at them...

Yes it is from Universal, but the subject of the email quote says "ultra weld 8000 estimate". The body of the quote attachment says: These are our exclusive UniShield Windows, manufactured by Polaris Technologies. The UniShield windows is the Ultraweld 8000 series windows with additional features for added strength, durability and energy efficiency.

How can I tell if they are in fact Ultra Weld as they say they are?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Ask them for a CPD number.

The UltraWeld is a solid window but a good portion of customers find it really bulky and thick on the sides.

If its the ThermalWeld, that is a mid grade window.

The Ultra does have good air numbers but the thermals aren't on par with the upper end windows out there.

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HiMark is a dealer network of okna, and elements is the top offering from softlite. Both of those lines will be listed on the most efficient site, and in fact are the top two models that are widely available in terms of energy efficiency. U values hitting .20 or lower with triple pane argon, and air infiltration ratings of .01.
Where are you located? That can dictate what products you have available.

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What do I do with the CPD number assuming they will give me one?
We are located a few hours from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Is there a HiMark dealer in this state?

This Energy Star site doesn't rate Softlite that highly....see link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: EPA casement performance

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Universal has a beefed up version of the Ultraweld available.
There triple panes also come in below 0.20 U value or lower.
They also list an air infiltration of 0.01 and a u-value of 0.26 on dual paned glass.The okna's superior U-value of 0.25 is really splitting hairs, red ones at that.
I know the Polaris has a bulkier double-hung but don't know if the casement is the same compared to the others.

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Todd is correct on the ratings, my brain always defaults to double hungs where there is a larger spread (.25-.28). That said, I have samples of all 3 and sell all 3 and my clients prefer them in order Okna, Softlite, Polaris. The Okna is the slimmest (more glass) and arguable most attractive, followed by the Softlite and then Polaris. Any of the 3 would serve you well.
In double hungs the Okna and Softlie Elemets are a solid step up IMO.

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Universal's double hung is 0.26.
It comes with super spacer that is not available to other Polaris dealers.

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Incorrect Todd. See attached... They do use super spacer but it has the same .28 u factor in the Ultra Weld double hung that the stainless does... Again, I'll reiterate that it is a very good window, just want to make sure that our facts are accurate. ;)

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Windows on Washington Ltd


U-Factor of 0.26 is only the casement if I am not mistaken.

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I stand corrected. I thought Universal had a glazing package that brought the U-value to 0.26 but they do not.
Thanks for shedding light on this Homie as I really hate seeing misinformation being posted.

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