8 ft' fiberglass entry and 8' interior doors

gabethanDecember 21, 2013


I am looking for some door advice. I thought that since many houses have tall ceilings these days that finding 8' door would not be considered a special order. It seems that that is what I am learning. Does anybody have any advice on how to keep the costs down (and possibly where to shop) for 8' entry and interior doors?

I don't need fancy exterior doors. Looking for something with clean lines. We are going for the modern look. Thanks.

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Several door manufacturers have 8' doors as a "standard" and available option but they will invariably cost more given their smaller representation of the market, larger material cost, and just rarity premium.

Where is the home located?

Door can be somewhat regional but Provia and HomeGuard are two of my favorites.

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The home is in Houston. I have seen those manufacturers come up often. I will have to see if they are in my region.

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