Woodturner/ Cabinet Maker's Apron?

ttoddNovember 8, 2011

Hi all! I've never posted over here before. For the past 10+ yrs. I've always been on the Home Decorating Forum of GW but I thought maybe I'd get some more 'hands-on' feedback w/ this question.

DH and I just purchased the furniture refinishing/ repair shop that he's worked at and loved for years. He'd mentioned in passing that he'd love to get a really good quality apron. He's gone out and purchased a few very simple, inexpensive aprons so for Christmas I'd like to surprise him w/ something really nice that will last him a long time.

No idea where to start, what to look for or anything so I was wondering if any of you might have suggestions.

Thank you so much - I'm so excited for him!

Oh and also there is another item that I'd be interested in. I always remember a 'branding' iron type tool that my dad had in his woodworking shop. It had his initials on it so that he could brand his pieces. Any thoughts on where I might find something like that?

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I think you need to define what you want in an apron:

- For refinishing, a long rubberized apron to keep the stripper, bleach, stain, and finishes off your cloths

- For turning, a high collar, perhaps longer sleeve apron, no pockets, to keep chips out of your clothes, pockets, and openings such as neck and sleeves.

- For cabinet making, most people like them with a lot of pockets to hold oft-used things such as pencils, measuring and marking tools, chuck keys, screwdrivers, etc. Again, protection from glue, sawdust, and the odd-finish splash off your clothing is a side benefit.

Almost all the tool suppliers -- Rockler, Woodcraft, Lee Valley, etc. have a selection of aprons. Woodturning and wood finishing specialty houses will have turning and finishing aprons, respectively.

Here is a link that might be useful: See here for branding irons

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You might also check out Duluth Trading Company products

Here is a link that might be useful: Duluth Trading Company website

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Thank you very much! I hadn't even thought about the various aprons and their uses. They have the rubberized aprons for stripping.

He does a lot of work turning legs, arms, spindles, etc. so I think that maybe 2 aprons would be in order for him. I think that I'll start w/ the cabinet makers apron since he is regularly carrying tools and stuff around in his current aprons.

I really appreciate your feedback and suggestions of places to check!

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A leather apron, no pockets, is preferable for turning. When using a roughing gouge, the chips are flying everywhere, and a pocket will get full of shavings, dust, chips very fast. The leather is for personal protection and dust-shedding.

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In keeping with what Casey said above, you can't beat a leather apron but I will caution you to be prepared for a bit of sticker shock as you price them...However, while they may seem a bit pricey they are really a bargan in the end, because if you get a good quality leather apron and take care of it, it will last a lifetime.

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The woodturner's smock from Craft Supplies is nice--at least once you get used to the zipper being installed "backwards" (at least they were when I got mine--they were from Australia then, one of the odd effects of being in the southern hemisphere, I guess.)

Leather can be hot and heavy, great for blacksmithing, but way overkill for turning.

Here is a link that might be useful: woodturner's smock

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