I am having a challenge with a finding a full wrap inset hinge.

bothNovember 4, 2010

I am trying to find a full wrap full inset hinge that is not 1/16. Meaning when installed and you close the door the distance between the door and frame on the cabinet is not 1/16 but 3/32. I am too nervous with a gap of only 1/16 in my kitchen cabinets. I live in humid Chicago and I do not want doors to stick in July. I also want the wrap around. How much easier is that to install the cabinet doors if they can be closed and held exactly in place when screwing in the hinge on the back side of doo and frame and then opening for three more screws.


So does anyone know where I can get full inset wrap around hinges in satin nickle that creates a 3/32 gap. OR can I put something between the hinge and frame that would equal 1/32 to shim in out before screwing the hinges on.

This is a very specific problem.. thanks for any help!!!!

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You have no reason for concern. The gap on the hinge side remains constant all year long, no matter how much the door swells during the summer. The gap will change size on the opposite side as the hinges. Just make the doors 5/32" less than the cabinet's inside face frame dimension for single doors and 7/32" less for double doors.

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Aidan is correct. Other than that, a 1/16 inch gap is typical. If you want to make the gap wider, so the gap on the hinge side matches with the gap on the latch side, you could shim with a 1/32 inch piece of veneer behind the hinge. More than that might not look good.

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