Power Cord Plug Gets Super Hot

mistersailJune 2, 2013

I have a Thermax DV12 Hot Water Extractor it will draw a full 15 amps(what the ownerâÂÂs manual says it draws) I will have the 1800 watt heater side of the switch turn on to Pre-heat up the 12 gallon tank of Cold water. While the heater is on, after a while the electrical plug will get so hot the prongs start to melt the rubber plugin. This is using a 120 Volt wall outlet, the OEM cord is 25 feet long and is a number 10 cord, no extension cord attached. I have taken the Extractor back to my garage and the plugin on the end of the cord just gets warm( which is normal) , I take it back to my in-laws garage (to detail his car) and the plug gets super-hot there, but not at my shop or my neighbors. His garage is about 80 feet from the panel box not sure if this is a issue. This is a new place for them in the town next to us. So it is a bit of going back and forth to answer any questions that you will need to help with this challenge ( but I am willing to do that of course). No breakers are being blown. Their home and separate garage is a relatively new place, maybe 6 years old. The DV12 Hot Water Extractor works great everywhere else I Use, it except at their garage. . I have looked at all the wires on the DV12âÂÂs switches, and the terminal block, heater thermal reset, thermostat, two vacuum motors and pump. None of these wires are burnt or shorting out. I have had this Hot water extractor for many years and no problems at all (used it professionally). Therefore I am feeling that it is a building or wiring problem for this particular situation.. Not the machines problem.Thanks

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Sounds like you are plugging it into a poor quality/failing outlet.

Is the plug 15 or 20 amps? Is the outlet 15 or 20 amps?

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Thank you for you reply. Sorry I guess I should have said in my first post that we tried another wall outlet on the other side of the garage and it did the same thing too. Then we took two of the outlets out and installed a new identical ones from home depot and wired it the same way as the previous one. Still the same thing, the plug is getting super hot still.

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"Identical" doesn't tell us much. 15 or 20 amp? What grade? How much did they cost?

Try measuring the voltage at the outlet.

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Thank you for your reply. it is 15 amp breaker, we changed that too, nothing else running on the same circut. Not sure of what grade but the electrical guy at the Home depot said thet the outlets that he sold us is what he use to use in his electrical business( he is semi retired). implying to us that they were the best. I believe we paid about $4 each. I will buy or borrow a volt meter and test it tomorrow and repost tomorrow evening after work. I am on pacific time. Thanks

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If it's a 15 amp breaker it should be a 15 amp outlet. If it's a 4 dollar outlet it should be reasonable quality.

Measure the voltage with the equipment off and with the equipment operating at full power.

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