Jeld-Wen Traditions Plus or M&W Freedom 800 Series?

mydreamhomeDecember 27, 2009

OK, I've tried and tried to make the Jeld-Wen Siteline EX windows work for my budget of $28,404, but it just isn't working. We're over by approximately $8,500. We've got some "special" windows/doors that have driven the cost up: 3 sets of fixed french doors 2 with rectangle transoms & 1 with 1/2 round transom, 1 functioning set of french doors with transom, 1 set of functioning doors no transom, 2 sets of twin arched casements, 1 set of arched french casements, 2 sets of twin casements with transoms, 2 double hungs with transoms, a picture window with rectangle transom, 2 casements with rectangle transom, 1 each of fixed round & fixed oval, 2 fixed arched, a set of 3 double hungs topped with a 3 part arched transom, and 17 just plain double hungs. This is the whittled down list-we started out $15,000 over budget.

One option is to try pricing the Jeld-Wen Traditions Plus (formerly Caradco).

The other option is to go with a vinyl clad wood window with the M&W Freedom 800s.

Anyone have any experience with both of these brands? What type of price difference can I expect with each as compared with the J-W Siteline pricing? Will the vinyl discolor on the M&Ws? What is the quality comparison J-W Siteline vs. J-W Traditions & M&W Freedom 800s, J-W Traditions vs. M&W Freedom 800s? We plan to live with these windows for the next 50 years--will these windows hold up? Any other comments on these 2 brands are most welcome.

Thanks for any insight you can give!

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We used MW Freedom 800 windows in our cabin project and have been very satisfied. We did look at the Jeld Wen and Andersen but the MW were around 30 to 40% less and quality appears to be very good. I can feel no drafts and we have had no issues since installation. Let me say something that you probably already know, that is the installation of the window is actually more important than the actual quality of the window. Second, the support provided by the company in the event of an "issue" is of great importance. I would ask your supplier about how well MW handles product issues and if the response is satisfactory. We paid a little more buying through a contractor supplier [Builders First Source] than we could have going through Lowes but the supplier provided us with good advice and support. We did have one window that was damaged during delivery and the MW company rep replaced it with no questions asked. Our supplier gives MW high marks and the quality is very good. I like the windows and support.

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Thanks for the feedback bogold. I spoke with our supplier late last week and while he will sell me the M&Ws, he'd really prefer to sell the Jeld-Wens. So much so that he indicated they could work on the price as J-W supposedly had a price decrease recently. We'll see what he can do.

Any other experiences out there with these 2 brands?

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I was never a fan of the windows before Jeldwen purchased them(when they were(Caradco,Pozzi etc)and although i have never sold them since i would still have my doubts as i am not a fan of Jeldwen in general.

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