Looking for opinions on Peachtree doors

dryslickDecember 16, 2009

IÂm looking for an exterior front door that will have a colonial grille (four rectangular openings at top of door) and 7/8" SDL with spacer bar. We may add sidelites as well. Turns out, that Peachtree offers this and I donÂt see this option from other vendor web sites as I expected.

I do not have experience with Peachtree but I don't have the impression that it is a very reliable brand. Am I misinformed or is that the reputation it has in the industry? Does anyone have opinions or experience with Peachtree doors? While it seems to offer the features IÂm interested in, I donÂt want a product that has a high risk of problems or premature failure.

SDL described on the PDFÂs page 7 (printed page 14):


Note: My first general posting asking for door recommendations was ÂFiberglass entry door window grill questionsÂ.

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I personally think you would be fine with a Peachtree fiberglass Door unit. Put a storm door on it, make sure it is under an overhang and have it properly installed and keep the frame well painted with a quality exterior latex paint over a quality oil based primer(only way to fly as far as i am concerned).If you were speaking of Peachtree windows I would say run for the hills.

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I purchased two 3-0 french and one 6-0 french slider (very heavy) from Lowes. They were installed normally and have been in for 3 months now no problems. You might wish to get your order completely ready and wait for an occasional sale, which may last for only a few days. Also some realtors are able to get you a 10 % off coupon from lowes using their lowes realtor referral program.

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Personally i would never buy windows, doors or entry doors from Lowes or HD, when i cannot find someone who can help with basic items i doubt there are many who know millwork.

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