Shutters or blinds?

boone_2009December 1, 2013

Hi everyone!

Our kitchen is done, yaay...except for the window and door treatments.

We have a window above the sink that slides from right to left, as well as a sliding glass door that opens to the patio and is flanked by two long, fixed windows on either side.

Then we have the adjacent family room with large sliding glass doors plus a fixed picture window to their right as you face them.

We have blinds at present - verticals for doors and the picture window in the family room and horizontals ( all white vinyl )for kitchen windows, but the new kitchen looks so sleek and clean that the old blinds will have to go.

We love shutters and are thinking of putting them in for all but the kitchen window above the sink ( which, for practical purposes of the faucet being in the way, cannot accommodate shutters). What do you all think of white basswood shutters for sliding glass doors and perhaps faux wood blinds ( in white) or a roman shade for that "sink" window?

I also love the bottom-up/top-down shades but was told that though they filter light they won't give us privacy at night.

Are shutters on sliding glass doors practical? We would be getting the ones that slide over each other ( not fold).

Blinds are the most practical ( and least expensive) but I can see why some of our friends say they will "cheapen' the current look of our kitchen.

All suggestions and advice welcome!

Thanks all and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I have been in several homes with the bottom up blinds and they appeared to be privacy compliant.

Shutters on SGD may not work because of the two panels sliding across on another.

Monday morning Quarterbacking is always great but the easiest and most useful application would have been blinds in the door.

Post up a picture if you can and you will get more feedback.

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I love the look of shutters on a windows, but I can not imagine them on doors. I don't even think blinds look good on doors if you are talking about them being attached to the wall (pictures would help :)
I like the look of long drapes on either side of a sliding glass doors but without seeing what you're talking about I don't know if that'd work either.

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Thanks, windowsonwashington and tulips33.

I'll post pics as soon as I can..not only am I tech-challenged but I have yet to post pics of my new kitchen on the Kitchen forum ( although I was planning on doing so once the window treatments are in).

We've had drapes before and the hot California sun just ate through them ( they were lined, too). All the doors and windows face south.

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For near the sink id say a faux wood blind is best just because you have the added humidity and potential for splashing/spills there. If you get the 2 1/2 to 3 inch slats on them they look a bit more like shutters and less like cheap blinds.

As for the top down you can get light filtering or room darkening versions of those for added privacy. I like the Norman and Graber brands when it comes to a good quality blind material in that department. Definitely NOT the "cheap" look but not really expensive like quality roman shades can be.

If you look below you can see this particular blinds store is showing several types of top down materials and thicknesses. The thin kind might be what the person who told you they don't offer privacy meant, but as you can see there are a lot of varieties there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top Down Shade Examples

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Victoria_g: thank you so very much for your suggestions and for that useful link. Lots to peruse on that site, thank you!

I agree with you about faux wood blinds for the sink window - I had already decided on the slats being at least 2.5 inches! Great minds? ;-)

I'm still dithering about shutters for the rest of the windows/doors. I'll try to post pics's been busy here since before Thanksgiving and I haven't had much 'free' time.

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Sure I hope it helped you out. Great minds indeed, I love the look of the wider slats in my windows. Pics would definitely help since its hard to gauge the "feel" of the room without seeing it. Some rooms feel darker and some lighter and of course furniture in the room impacts whether you'd want a lighter or heavier window covering.

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love the shutters on this SGD

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Marvin just released a new product line of interior shades. Top down and bottom up

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I can't believe how long it's been since I looked at this forum. Time has just been consumed by family events, sickness, travel and plain ole everyday work.. Forgive me, everyone.

Victoria_g: I finally decided on shutters for all except the kitchen window and those will have faux wood blinds ( only thing is, the shutters will have 3 inch louvers and the faux wood blinds only come in 2.5 inch..I don't know if I should keep looking for 3 inch blinds). Shutter guy will be coming in next week to measure, yaay.

mdln: I'm so glad you posted that picture because I ordered SGD shutters for the family room as well and then I was very worried how they would look. The shutter sin your pic look wonderful. Ours will be white basswood.

amber_windows; Thanks for the info! I may use shades in the future for another room.

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