painting oak cabinets retain wood grain

bonniNovember 21, 2008


I am trying to color some new unfinished oak cabinets. I want to paint them a buttercream type color to go with the wall colors chosen and am afraid that I will not see the wood grain if painted. I am willing to use any form of coloring necessary to get the desired color but am not sure what I can do with wood. Without knowing much about wood I had the oak cabinets made but want the color that I see many maple cabinets. I like the grain of the wood but it does not seem as though oak stains as well? Any suggestions. I was thinking I would add water to the color paint that I want and wipe the paint off as I go. I am not sure what type of paint, if I should use something other than water to thin, and what type of sealer I should use after?

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Forget it. Oak grain will never look like maple. Try using maple if that is what you want it to look like.

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