Beveled Grids inside the window or No Beveling?

susanlynn2012December 14, 2013

I decided to go with the Okna windows and now must just send in my proposal to the board for approval as I live in a townhouse complex. I loved the look of the beveled sample window brought to my house for me to see. I wish he also brought a window with no bevel on the grid inside the window.

My concern is that I am not yet replacing the windows in the family room (4 large ones and there is two dome windows on top with grids) that is open to the kitchen sliding door that will have the grids.

If I do the bevel windows in the front of my house then they will not match the upstairs until I change the windows there and I only intend to change out the Master Bedroom windows next year and leave the other two rooms alone as I am not in them much.

Any input?

I want to thank all of you for your help in making my decision to go with the triple pane Okna Windows and the Double Pane Patio Door and the HMI Fiberglass door. Now I just need to decide no bevel in the grids that are inside the windows or a bevel.

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I highly doubt you will notice the difference from the outside unless you really look closely. Personally, i steer most of my customers towards contoured/ beveled even if their townhouse has flat, it looks nicer from the inside.

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Go with the grids that you want in the future (i.e. contoured) and the others will match better once you change out the rest of them.

As mmarse said, it is unlikely you will notice any difference from about 10 feet away so I wouldn't worry about the exterior look for the time being.

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I agree as well... The contoured grids look richer and you'll be happier in the long run. The difference between the two will not be very noticeable to others in the short term, especially being on two different floors.

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Thank you mmarse1, windowsonwashington, and HomeSealed_WI for your opinion. It means a lot.

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You betcha.

Keep us up to date with the project progress and please post some before and after pictures.

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