use screw-lok for setscrew or not on table saw???

jaansuNovember 28, 2011

I just noticed that the pulley on the saw spindle had worked loose due to the setscrew loosening. Fortunately I caught it before any real damage could happen. Should I use one of these locking pastes on the threads to prevent vibration from reloosening it now that I am going to the bother of realigning everything? I build a worktable around my tablesaw so it is a true hassle to work on this pulley and don't want to go back soon again. Or will I be sorry when I want to remove this set screw and find the stuff won't let go as the Allen wrench strips?

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If you use the corect grade of threadlocker you should be able to remove the set screw with a correctly sized hex wrench.

Avoid cheap hex wrenches.
They are rarely sized or hardened correctly.

Allen and Bondhus brands are good (and often less than $20 for a set with a plastic keeper).

Do not use a thread staker grade of Loctite.

You want a non-heat removable grade.

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