Should I Buy My Kids a Tablet?

love.n.lightOctober 11, 2013

My son and SD are both 6, almost 7. We have all heard of the great benefits of these devices, and how they can help children learn important skills, like writing, multiplication and problem solving. Plus my kiddos have been asking for one, since most of their class mates have one.

My husband and I are not concerned about our kiddos spending too much time on electronic devices or in front of a computer screen, because we can set the ground rules and limitations. Also the price tag of a tablet does not concern us, because we can get a relatively inexpensive one for under $100, with parental controls.

My question is, is this too much, to soon? Or is this just the way things are now?

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I would not buy any electronics for my kids to carry around that puts out radiation and I think most electronics do that. I found out that anything that sends out signals puts out radiation. It is called radio frequencies or something like that. The monitor, router, etc.. I have moved them as far away from me as I can. I am so old it probably won't bother me because of my age, but children are very vulnerable for dangers like this.

And I think tablets are very fragile, more so than a phone. children are not responsible enough to take care of them, they get dropped, loaned to someone, stolen, loosing it etc.. Older children often sell them and talk their parents or grandparents into replacing them. I know of one teenager who has lost 2 and the grandparents are being pressured to replace it again.

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My daughter is in middle school, and I am wondering whether to buy her a tablet. We don't currently have one in the house, so I don't know what they can offer. I can tell you that most of her math homework is now done using an online service that automatically grades her work. Also, she receives her classroom feedback from the teacher using an online program. If she had a tablet, she could easily do work during long drives.

My friend's daughter just started university, and the chemistry professor makes the kids go online during the class to complete problems. The ones without tablets are lugging around heavy laptops all day so my friend is now shopping for a tablet. Maybe this is the way of the future for learning.

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if you can regulate use and block porn, why not? what are you most cpncerned about?

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Too soon? No, not at all. The 3 yr olds around us are all able to use tablets.

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Not too soon, parent controls, limitations are the key. Mine have them and are young as well.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback :) We are going to get our kids tablets for Christmas!

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