Window for gable can't be made--help!

threeapplesDecember 13, 2011

Our Georgian style home has an oval window designed for the gable in the front, center of our house and is supposed to be 10" tall and 18" wide. The window rep ordered the wrong size and the company now says they cannot manufacture the window this size because the grills for it (supposed to be 8 lite) would be too small because of the size of the window. The house is framed, the roof is up, we were just waiting to install this window and now we don't know what to do. The gable is not large and cannot accommodate anything larger, but this is a crucial design feature on the home. We also have one on the gable of the detached garage, but that one is larger (this garage sits back a bit compared to the house) and so they have no problem making that one. What on earth do we do? thanks for any suggestions.By the way, Marvin is doing all the windows, but Parrot is supposed to make these oval windows.

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here is a link that shows our elevation....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would suggest that you re-size that image on only show exactly what you need to.

Your link was taking forever to open and was locking up my browser.

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Whose idea was it to have Parrett manufacture the Oval Windows? At this point I would ask if the Signature Products division of Marvin can make it for you. It may take 12 weeks but they should be able to make one for you. The grille may be the issue with them as well as I have no idea what type of Grille your speaking of be it SDL or a Removeable Grille with spokes only or a surround which may limit the options (same as Parrett).

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The Marvin rep suggested Parrett because he said they are better at this kind of thing. This will be grilles only on the exterior because it is cheaper. We are now looking into having it made out of mahogany because Parrett says they can't do clad in this size. Uggh.

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The Marvin rep, or the salesman for the company your buying your Marvin's thru? When I sold Marvin the only reason we used Parrett was because they offered specialty windows as a better price than either Marvin or Kolbe. As far as "better at this kind of thing." that I will say I do not agree with.

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