Yikes! Need to stain and finish by tomorrow! ???

leahcateNovember 23, 2008

Fingers crossed for some quick help. Upholsterer for Bergere chair is coming tomorrow(sooner than I'd expected) and I must do something about one of the arms. It's actually only the "hand"( end) of the arm that has a faded, worn off finish. The upper arm is fabric. Neither Howard's Restore a Finish or Old English scratch cover worked ( did not soak in/ darken enough... it's a dark mahogany). Can I scrub it clean, lightly sand and use a stain-finish all-in-one product(polyshade,gelstain, I've heard of???) Should I just buy some dark stain and finish with spray on poly? It's a very small area and focus is on fabric vs. the wood finish. He's picking it up tomorrow afternoon.:>O

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I'd clean off all the cr@p on it and spray with an aerosol lacquer toner. After a couple of minutes, re-coat with a couple of light coats of clear lacquer. This is probably the same thing that was on there originally.

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Thanks so much for reply! I thought lacquer was slow drying, but perhaps not the aeresol type. I'm off to get and try it...thanks again!

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