boodledooOctober 16, 2009

Who here celebrates it and what are your kiddo's going as?

The twins are going as a girly witch and a pink flower fairy. The baby is a daisy. I got their costumes at The Children's Place and they are all extremely cute.

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We love Halloween! So much fun!

DD is going as a "snow angel." Her costume is a long, ivory colored velvet-y dress w/gold designs and a pair of gold wings to go with it. She says it's a snow angel, so it sounds good to me! LOL.

SS is going as a martial arts/ninja type guy. I haven't seen his costume, as BM got it with him weeks ago, but he seems excited about it.

SS's school will have a party the Thurs. before because they are off school on Friday, the 30th. Unfortunately, I will miss that b/c of BM being there. BUT DD's school will have a parade and class parties on the 30th and I will be there w/SS, as he'll be home w/me that day. I think he will probably wear his costume and partake in the festivities for that.

On Halloween itself, we will go to a trick or treating party at a friend's house--chili, a fire pit, and trick or treating for the kids, should be fun!

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I love it too Love.

I was actually shocked to find that out of my five office mates I am the only one who celebrates Halloween. There reasoning is that it's a pagan holiday.

I didn't have the heart to tell them Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day all spun off from pagan celebrations as well. No point in trying to argue.

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Years ago I worked with a lady who called it the devil's holiday!

So my kids are a theme...Wizard of Oz... Oldest sd is the good fairy, other sd is dorothy, my son is the tin man, ss is the scarecrow, my nephew is the lion. My oldest sd was not cool with a themed Halloween with all the younger kids, but we found a fairy costume she loved! So she will do pics with us and then off with her friends.

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Oh come on, argue with them. :o)

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. My boys had costumes and we took them out for as long as they wanted or until the people turned off their lights. I don't remember any community places where you could take your kids to celebrate it.

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I am sooo glad Halloween is on a weekend this year! I hate when the towns have trick-or-treat hours on weeknights of like 5-8 or something and for the first two hours you hit so many empty houses!

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I love love love halloween. I am currently making my kids' costumes. We are going to go to DH's mom and step dads house because stepdad builds a really cool haunted house every year and the kids love to help. DH and I are discussing wether we are going to dress up this year or not... it is just so much fun.

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Yes I am glad on weekend this year

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I am ditto-ing all he glad weekenders! It will be such a relief to not have to have the kids up for school the next day this year!!!

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My daughter thinks us being "twins" is super fun. I agreed to be Super Girl with her this year. Really looking forward to it as it's her favorite holiday.

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Yes we celebrate Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays :)

My daughter is going to be a vampiress. No idea yet what the 2 year old is going to be. The older ones don't dress up any more.

Myself and dh are...he is some kind of dark reaper thing with glowing eyes lol...I am going to be a dark fairy. It will be fun.

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I hate being a party pooper...last year we got mainly high school age teenagers trick-o- treating, looking like 18. very few young children. i told my colleagues and they said they have the same expereince last few years. teenagers that could even be grown ups, no costumes, just come for candy, safe area, i am not scared but it is too weird . LOL I am thinking of going elsewhere and don't pass candies anymore. also one mother was unhappy that we had no chocolates (chocolate candies were all gone by then), she asked "that's all you have? my son cannot eat caramel." hahaha I don't mind hallowen, DD used to dress up too. But I can live without it. Plus i stuck wiht candy left overs. End up eating too much of it. :)

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Where we are staying now is mostly an adult community so, we will have a couple of bags on hand just in case. Neighbors say no trick or treaters here though, kind of a bummer I enjoyed seeing the kids dress up & go begging. I'll just get reeses/butterfingers for DH.


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Im a christian and we celebrate on 31 Oct. We just call it harvest festival - so our kids are not left out. We dress up as biblical characters, have food, carnival type games, and give candy and fruit bags.

I have heard of some folks who don't celebrate. But i like that we offer an alternative at our church - so our kids don't feel like they can not have fun with the day of Halloween.

I enjoy it - but i trick or treated as a kid and celebrated Halloween also. I guess it is all a matter of opinion maybe.

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We did not buy any candy this year to pass out because we are out during trick-or-treating hours. Last year we had maybe a handful of trick-or-treaters before we left and after we came home. Then we had lots of leftovers plus what the kids collected. Too much candy!

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I'm really looking forward to Halloween this year. DS couldn't go last year so this year will be big. He will be Batman again. I expect that DH will stay home and give out candy and DS and I will hook up with friends for trick or treating.

When the really big kids, like teens or even pre-teens show up without costumes and put out their backpacks (the nerve) I give them one of whatever is the smallest candy I have. If they are with young kids, I shower the little ones with lots of the best stuff. I trick or treated until I was 12 or so, but still, I dressed up, said thank you, and didn't have the nerve to present a giant backpack.

Went to DS's school today for the Halloween carnival. So cute.

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