Norwood or Marvin windows

yma73December 29, 2011

We are gut renovating a 1917 craftsman and are considering Marvin clad windows or Norwood wood windows. We are looking at double hung, 6 over 1 traditional windows. We like the Norwood windows, but I have not found many reviews of them online. Our contractor has used them several times and likes them so much he is putting them on his own house. The window rep raves about their quality and service, and they have a 15 year guarantee. He also says we can't go wrong with Marvin. Can you help us decide? Has anyone used Norwood?

Thanks for any help.


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Can't say I have ever personally seen them.

Paging Millworkman...

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I have never sold Norwood personally but what I have heard about them is the product is middle of the road, mediocre at best. This was some years ago but I doubt it has changed a whole lot. I will tell you price them both out, if they are close buy the Marvin. Your type of house is definitely crying for a traditional wood or wood clad product, you do not tell me the area where your located but in addition to Marvin you may want to take a look at Kolbe & Kolbe.

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Hi Millworkman,
Thanks for your input. I wonder why Norwood isn't a better known company since it has been around (out of Canada) for 60 years. Our contractor said they have been getting bigger in the last few years. It worries me not to hear more about them. They are cheaper than Marvin, and from the samples we have seen, quality seems comparable, hardware is superior in the Norwood over the Marvin.
I like the look of wood windows too. Everyone tells us to do clad for ease of upkeep, but we keep going back to wood. I hope we don't regret it. Thanks again.

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What is the cladding on the Norwood made of....extruded or rollformed?

Having and exposed exterior wood window is fine as long as you know that you have some painting, caulking, sealing etc yearly duties in front of you.

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The lack of name recognition probably has to do with the limited avenues of distribution they use which are small independent window dealers from what it looks like. Then again they may not have major distribution by choice either theirs or because of a lack of high quality.

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I do not believe Norwood offers an aluminum clad product.

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