30amp electric cord wired to 15amp sockets for more camp power?

bbadgerJune 21, 2010

I would like to have more power for my camper at the campsites. Does anyone know of a place to buy a 30 amp extension cord with built-in sockets for 15 amp appliances?

Or would it be possible to buy an extra 30 amp power cord (with male end to plug in at campsite) and wire the other end to a 3-socket piece for use with 15 amp small appliances? The total amp usage would be less than 30 amps but more than 20 amps.

I already have an adapter for 30 amp male and 15 amp female. I would like to be able to make full usage of the extra 30 amp or even 50 amp outlet provided at the campsites. Thank you.

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"Does anyone know of a place to buy a 30 amp extension cord with built-in sockets for 15 amp appliances?"

I doubt you will be able to find such a thing because it would be very dangerous.

The wiring inside the appliance is not likely to be able to carry the fault current from a 30 A source long enough to trip a breaker.

The wiring in the device will become the fuse in the event of a fault.

You could take a small panel board and connect it using a 30 A cord and plug, and then wire 15 and 20 amp breakers and receptacles.

Mount the panel to a section of plywood along with all the receptacles boxes.

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You should be able to find such a cord at an RV or marine supply house. I've seen cords with breakers on both ends- a 30A at the male plug and 3-4 receptacles on the other end, like a power strip, with a separate breaker for each receptacle. I don't know, however, how much faith I'd put in a made-in-China cord, even if it is UL listed. Brick's idea is better.

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These two items will get you from a 30 amp TT receptacle to a few standard household receptacles.



But I would probably wire a small panel board as mentioned above for my own use.

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95% or more of the campsites I have been to, all have 15AMP GFI outlests right in the cabinet where you plug in your Camper's 30A. I usually run an extension cord under the camper to picnic table. that along with the built in outside outlet on my camper has sufficed for many years.

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personally, I would use a squared qo 6 space outdoor panel, mount it on an appliance cart and some plywood,use a 50a 2pole breaker as where my cord (for a range)(it is the same connector as a 50a camper) connects to the panel, and mount 4 20a gfci, each on its own circut in in-use outdoor covers with outdoor boxes. if i can cough up the money, i would like to build one for personal use.

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