Honda Ex 1000 generator Tripping without load

techkarlJune 28, 2010

Help needed with honda ex 1000. When i put the ac Circuit breaker ( on the generator) to the on position with no load connected generator looses rpm and then the circuit breaker trips again . Any help please ? BTW do you have the service manual of this generator?

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There may be "no load" plugged in the outlet, but there is almost certainly a load someplace. The loss of engine speed and tripping breaker are very reliable indicators. Check the wiring between the breaker and receptacle(s), and the receptacle itself.

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My 15-20 year old EX-1000 started acting up this would die under load. In my case I pulled the carb off and cleaned the float & needle valve works fine now. Fuel starvation due to a varnished-up carb.

Here is a link that might be useful: Honda EX-1000 Manual

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From looking at the circuit diagram, my first suspicion is that you have an internal short in the outlet, either to ground or line to line. I would check this with a meter (with the machine not running).

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Will do the required tests with a multimeter tonight. Still looking for the service/factory manual. ( do have an owners manual but its not so detailed). Thanks

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