Breaker to unused outdoor GFCI receptacle trips

gwbr_joJune 10, 2010

I have a 20 amp circuit breaker, which serves one GFCI outdoor receptacle, that keep tripping. I heard a pop within the receptacle and the breaker tripped. I reset the breaker and noticed the GFCI did not trip, just the circuit breaker. This GFCI was unused at the time. I replaced the GFCI, but the problem remains. When I reset the the breaker, it takes about 5 minutes before the breaker trips again. Any ideas?

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the circuit is damaged underground.

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Check for damage to insulation of the conductors leading to the recept. Such damage may be caused by chewing rodents. I've not witnessed it myself, but I've seen photos of thoroughly dead mice bridging the lugs in a panel.

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