Is it waterproof ?

big_al_41June 18, 2013

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this question at. If not please direct me to the right one. This concerns my portable gas generator ( a 10K Duromax ). Been doing research on a way to run it outside in the rain etc.. Found something called a gen tent.

My concern is with the part on the genset .. I hope can I make this simple for me to explain .. at one end there is the exhaust and the other end there is what I think is the actual generator device. it has slots or louvers. It this end I am concerned about .. what happens if it rains and some rain gets on those slots, will it damage the genset ? Sorry for the long post.

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The exhaust should be hot enough to cook just about anything off.

Nothing much is going to enter since there is plenty of pressure driving the exhaust OUT.many engines can run underwater if you protect their intake.

The exhaust is 'self clearing as long as the engine is running when submerged.

Many outboard motors run the exhaust under water.

Protecting the intake from water getting pulled in is far more important.

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I was curious what a gen tent was so I googled it. $190 for that?! Get an EZ-Up portable canopy for $80 & park the generator under that if it's raining & no part of the genset will get wet. As an added bonus it'll keep you dry as well while adding gas, etc & it can be used for other purposes.

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Make sure you have a way to run the exhaust outside the tent.

You may step into a tent full of carbon monoxide and NOT COME OUT.

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Dave I also thought of the canopy ... but my concern would be with the wind and having that thing blow away even if I stake it down. ..again my concern is for the generator side of the genset ( not the exhaust ) that the gas motor is turning, if water gets into those slots or louvers will it harm the unit.

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