Need Help with Installing Lighted Ceiling fans

mmqbJune 4, 2010

I have a 2-story home with 2 bedrooms on the top floor that I'd like to install lighted ceiling fans in. In the attic, there is a standard receptacle that I could run the wiring from in order to supply electricity to the fans. I want to operate the fan with one switch and the light of the fan with a different switch. How hard is this to install? There are no "pre-wired" fixtures or switches, so I will be starting from scratch. I figured I could run a box from the attic receptacle to the switch in each room, and from that switch go to the fan/light.

Any suggestions or directions would be greatly appreciated.

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Very simple, just take some 14/3 or 12/3 Romex, wire it to the source with both hot leads (black and red) wired together to the single hot lead (black) of your source, then put the switches along it between the source and the fan...the switch for the fan along the black lead, the switch for the light along the red one. Then, when wiring the fan, connect its black line to your new black lead, and its blue line (or whatever color it uses for the light kit) to your new red lead. Connect its neutral line (white wire) to your new white lead, then grounds to ground, and you're all done.

So basically:

Black to black
Blue to red
White to white
Green to bare copper

Fan switch on the black line
Light switch on the red line

Then the black and red lines wired together to the source in your attic.

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Thanks a ton. Doesn't sound too bad at all. My wife will be happy. I guess I'm going to purchase some wiring, switches, and ceiling fans today and put it all together tomorrow.

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You'll need some fish wire to pull the wires through the wall.

You could run 14/2 to the switch boxes for power and 14/3 from there to the fan/light. You run the hot (black) from the 14/2 to each swich (you'll need a little extra black pigtail cut from scrap), then the 14/3 black to one switch and the 14/3 red to the other switch. All whites and grounds tie together to themselves.

When I've done this, I've used a switch set made for fan with lights. It lets you change the speed (3 settings) and dim the lights (2 settings). That way I don't have to pull a chain.

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The only downside to the special dimming switches (the fan speed controls are great, though) is that they don't work with compact fluorescent lights.

I originally had my fan set up with one of those "morse code" type boxes that allow you to use one switch - on/off once for light, twice for fan, thrice for both - which was mostly ok but the bulbs kept dying til I read the fine print that said it was only for incandescent bulbs.

Now, a lot of the fans are made for a single wire - as a swapout for an existing light fitting - and come with a remote, so you can control the fan.

My fan has just the pull chains and a single, existing box. What I did was find a switch that fits two switches into an existing box - decora style - and was able to use the old wire to fish a new 14/3 wire down.

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