Sliding shelf for a "converted" bookcase

mileleNovember 8, 2013

I have a bookcase in the kitchen (which replaced a window) which does not have face frame. I would like to add a sliding shelf at the bottom to have all my jars at reach. It is 12 deep. I was thinking to build a very shallow drawer with a wider front that would cover the side hardware slides. However, I am not sure I should use bottom slides or side slides and which brand. I need help. It is my first project of this kind. In addition to this, would pocket hole construction enough for the project? The shelf would not carry more than 30 pounds. Thanks

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I'd suggest you go to a home center and have a look at their slide out cabinet shelves. When you decide what you want, wander over to hardware and select your guides.

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Some other places to look for ideas, etc.:

conversations about making drawers with the pocket-hole jig:

Also--Unless you have a hankering to make a drawer, I think a simpler solution would be to just use a slab of plywood or regular board, if you have one big enough) as a shelf, and simply add some sort of edge all the way around.

Maybe you use something 1.5 to 3 inches wide to stand on its edge, thereby making both a covering for the plywood edge AND a lip (use wood glue and panel-board nails; but you might be best off with a good clamp--which would derail me, since I don't have a way to clamp something that large).

If you went with this, it might be awkward to use a side-mounted slide, and then you could go w/ an undermount.

The undermount would also not be visible when the shelf was not in use, though maybe the side mount wouldn't show that much either.

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Hello talley_sue_nyc,
You actually had a very good idea. I think I would be able to avoid building a drawer. Not sure I can use Blum Bluemotion undermount. Their layout seems a littly "Custom"

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